How To Make An App Like Uber And Estimate Its Cost

Before we move on forward the topic, I would like to stress on the scale of Uber. Back at the end of the fourth quarter of 2020, the number of Uber users worldwide was 93 million per month. In addition to Uber, there is another huge company in the ridesharing sector – Lyft. However, compared to Uber, which already had 70% of the market in 2020, Lift had only 30%. On the similar lines of taxi booking app like Uber, you can develop on demand restaurant booking app, catering app, grocery app, or a delivery app.

You may have also realized that utilizing a cab app saves money and is an excellent substitute for public transit. Make the most of the knowledge regarding taxi applications and the changes you’ve been experimenting with. Basic features for drivers are reporting, route optimization, ‘active/inactive’ button, calling to a passenger, etc. Cleveroad is a high-tier technical company specializing in developing various technical solutions for businesses of all industries. For more than ten years on the market, we have helped hundreds of companies find modern technologies and custom software that will boost their performance. The total cost of MVP of an Uber-like app for customers will be $29,350 for one platform and $58,700 for two.

Book A Ride For Others

After understanding your audience, you can begin designing your Uber-like app’s functionality and UX. Perhaps one of the most essential features of Uber is the driver and passenger rating system. After a trip, clients can review their journey through the Uber passenger app, signaling to other customers the quality of their driver. This review is made visible when future passengers select the same car. Calling an Uber is more like hiring a personal chauffeur for a short trip than hiring a taxi. This business model lends itself to several benefits, such as surge pricing for drivers and cars always available to customers.

how to create an app like Uber

So if you want to create app like Uber, it’s important to comprehend the company’s approaches to technology and business processes. For this, I suggest you read on to find out and how much it costs. You can create an Uber-like app using different technology. You can either build a hybrid app that can work on both android and iOS or a native app that works on either android or iOS. The first step in any app development process is to conduct extensive market research. This is especially important when developing an app like Uber, as you need to make sure that there is a demand for your product.

Uber app offers account registration to both the driver and to the passengers. Account management is a must to have feature when here is a payment involved. It helps in keeping a track on the customer base and offers a clear window to the users to connect. It’s benefiting and useful for both the customers and the app owners. Uber-Eats rely heavily on its geolocation technology, making it the most advanced software due to its first-mover advantage.

Multi Device Testing – With every growing evolution of newer platforms and browsers, it is imperative today to check your apps on all targeted devices and platforms. With our large lab of all required devices and platforms, we make sure that the apps function smoothly and the same on all devices you look to support. TestingAutomated Testing – Our QA experts bring complete automation to the process of QA & Testing for your apps.

Ubers Most Important Features

Once a car is requested, drivers have roughly one minute to accept or decline a job, ensuring swift sourcing. Uber employs a surge pricing model during harsh weather and poor conditions, incentivizing drivers to work. Intelligent location tracking and surge pricing enable clients to connect with drivers almost immediately, 24/7. It helps drivers to receive trip orders to accept or deny, including information regarding the passenger’s location, route, travel history. This feature is required for booking a taxi by putting in the destination and the pickup location with the choice of car. Let’s check out the essential features required to build an app like Uber.

how to create an app like Uber

The calculation is worked out using an algorithm integrated inside the app. Different fares need to be specified if the platform offers a diverse range of vehicles for booking. You can create your ridesharing app for both Androids and iOS. The technical aspects of app creation are often difficult to understand.

Push Notification & Messaging

The riders can also see the driver’s route to their destination. This question is always stuck in peoples’ minds when they plan to develop an app like Uber. I requested an how to create an app like Uber app after submitting a basic outline, and I received an outcome that exceeds my expectations. I am extremely impressed by the team’s professionalism and prompt response.

how to create an app like Uber

You have to choose on which platform your Uber-Like app is to be built. As we all already know, there are two major mobile app development platforms, one being iOS, and the other one is Android. Both of these platforms have their benefits and disadvantages.

Features To Inculcate In Your Application

This model is based on surge pricing that correlates with the current traffic situation, driver availability, holiday seasons, etc. This feature is generally quite simple to implement once you want to make an app like Uber. In your profile, you can add a user as your family member and order a taxi on his/her behalf. Then, this person will receive a notification (e.g., SMS) with the taxi booking details. In-App Tip Feature- It’s always good to appreciate the hard working and enthusiastic delivers.

  • Try working with reliable transaction options and credible third parties.
  • Let’s go through each aspect and how the Uber-like app might be beneficial.
  • The process starts when a customer sends a request for a car from a specific location.
  • They may work with internal delivery services provided by the app or use their own delivery personnel.

To create an Uber-like app, you will also need to provide exclusive features to each party. For example, drivers must receive push notifications about active jobs and have a way to accept or decline. In general, you can save up to 60% of your development budget if you consider outsourcing software development to Ukraine. The Uber service employs a free, downloadable iOS and Android mobile application that connects passengers and riders 24/7. These days, Uber serves 75 million users with 15 million rides per day globally.

The Cherishing Customer Feedback We Get

Create a detailed technical plan that outlines all of the app’s features, architecture, and technical specifications. A firm must understand a specialty that will aid in the development of a taxi reservation app. In most cases, it’s more reasonable to develop a native app rather than a hybrid one. The difference between them lies in architecture, programming languages, and many other aspects.

They are practically over one another like sardines in a can. If you want to target a massive audience, we suggest choosing Android and iOS. However, if you don’t have a significant budget, you can select any one of the platforms. We have noted the price above includes UI/UX Designs, Driver app, Rider app, Admin Panel, Backend development, Frontend development, etc. Our Product Specialist will get in touch with you for the next steps.

These steps can work as a determining factor as well as a challenging part. Introducing new features will show you as a competitive business and it will give your app a highlight. If you are willing to add your uber clone app in the app store, take a look at the app store guidelines. You have to fill the criteria to fit in the App Store Connect. It is important to keep up with the guidelines of both platforms to have a visible position in the store. Once you are in the process of creating an application, you need to choose a store for it.

It also has used languages that support the online payment feature and communication between the rider and the passenger. Integrate the taxi booking feature that allows the users to book a taxi by entering their drop-off and pick-up location. This is one of the crucial steps of creating an application. The target audience is the winning factor in creating an application. Create a USP and potential unique features that are new to the world.

Geolocation is one of the most basic yet indispensable features in any taxi booking app like Uber. Much of the ride-booking process revolves around identifying the user’s exact location. From the moment the app is launched till the drop-off, a routing server works non-stop to measure the distance and run the routes. The customer is the most important entity for any given business. And that is why; The rider needs to feel confident in your application. This can be done by including amazing features on customers’ applications.

This includes features you choose, the type of platform you use, its functionalities, country of app development and other factors. This section looks into the technical perspective of creating an app like Uber. The highlighted features of Uber’s technical features are geo-location, push-notifications, payment integrations etc.

If you are looking to build an app like Uber, its functionality and features should differ and stand out. Your app is designed to make a profit, and there is nothing more harmful to making it than a waste of time. When passengers make drivers wait for them for too long, drivers miss other potential orders. That is why in most apps similar to Uber there is an option for free ride cancellation within a few minutes after the driver’s arrival. After these few minutes pass and the passenger still is not there, an additional fee is charged. This way, your business minimizes the risk of wasting time and profit.

As Uber is a three-domain app, you need to incorporate the driver’s app. Follows the basic functions to create your Uber-like app from the driver’s perspective. It allows the rider to review and star the driver to are the overall ride experience. The front-end development of an application is the front side or the client side of an application. It consists of how users see an application such as the interface of the application.

At this step, you can choose to either create your app from scratch, or you can take a readymade solution for your application development. In both cases, there are numerous tasks that are involved in the development process; these tasks are then subdivided into various other tasks. After finalizing this now, it’s time for all the documentation.

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