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What are Administrative Expenses? with pictures

Content General & Administrative (G&A) Expense Examples of SG&A Expense A spend management platform What Is the SG&A Sales Ratio (or Percent of Sales Method)? Excessive SG&A Spending Companies are usually happy to offer some nature of food and drink to keep team members at their best. Consult your chartered accountant or tax advisor to […]

Restaurant Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions

Content Food Cost Accounting Profit & Loss Statements Prime costs Restaurant Bookkeeping Made Easy Consider Outsourcing Payroll You’re checking to see if your transactions made it from the customer’s hand to the bank. The chart of accounts gives you a sense of your restaurant’s financial health, so you know how you make and spend money. […]

Understanding a Balance Sheet With Examples and Video Bench Accounting

Content Add Total Shareholder Equity and Total Liability to Compare to Assets Determine Your Liabilities Example of a balance sheet Courses Elements of the Balance Sheet What’s included in a balance sheet? However, if large cash figures are typical of a company’s balance sheet over time, it could be a red flag that management is […]